Our Mission

In providing a loving, nurturing environment, our goal at Children's Learning Adventure™ Childcare Centers is to help your children become confident, independent learners who will develop a strong sense of self-worth, enabling them to make positive life choices.


Our Philosophy

Children's Learning Adventure provides a nurturing environment for children and an unprecedented level of training to their teachers, which redefines early care and education programs!

Children's Learning Adventure is committed to providing an environment that fosters healthy cognitive, physical and social-emotional development. We create a classroom community by establishing a relationship among the children, the families, and the teachers. Our programs are based on a sense of respect and belongingness. We provide highly trained teachers and state-of-the-art facilities and classrooms.

  • Children's Learning Adventure's Lifetime Adventures™ curriculum fosters physical growth, cognitive and social-emotional development for your children, incorporating the family and community as an integral component of learning.
  • Children's Learning Adventure's five specialized learning classrooms, with specifically designed and enriched curriculum, provide unique learning opportunities for children.
  • Children's Learning Adventure’s goal is to EXCEED parents' expectations and ENHANCE children's potentials!



Children's Learning Adventure Lifetime Adventures™ curriculum is based on best practices that incorporate the works of early child development theorists Jean Piaget, Erik Erickson, and Lev Vygotsky as well as neuroscientist Bruce Perry’s extensive research in brain development. Lifetime Adventures™ incorporates modern educator's theories of constructivism including John Bransford, Roger McClintok, Roger Shank and David Elkind.  This curriculum follows the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practice set forth by National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) as well as the national academic school standards.

Where Learning Is The Greatest Adventure Of All!