Our Teachers

Our Lifetime Adventures™ Curriculum is designed for the teacher to create an interactive learning environment that supports children's curiosity and develops thinking skills. Our teachers are the travel guides for your child's journey. We encourage children to take an active role in their learning. Of course, as with any trip, we expect our guides to be prepared. Our teachers are specially trained in child development methods including brain development research. The teacher is provided with the tools and resources in a monthly kit that enables her to effectively implement the Lifetime Adventures™ Curriculum. You can trust that the journey will be age appropriate, fun, safe, and conducted with your child's optimal growth in mind.

The teaching team is instrumental in providing the parent and child with a learning experience unparallel to any other. We support our teaching team by providing extensive training, both initially and throughout their Children's Learning Adventure™ career. We believe in creating environments for each teacher to succeed in their important role as teacher.

An Education Specialist is on staff to provide consistent guidance to teachers by:


  • monitoring teachers' implementation of the curriculum
  • demonstrating effective teaching strategies
  • examining outcomes of the interactions between child, teacher and the learning environment
  • assessing teachers' abilities to meet the desired child goals

Our teachers take time to create an interesting, diverse, child-centered environment at Children's Learning Adventure™. Teachers challenge children to question and explore in their environment. We will share age-appropriate vocabulary and activities with your child throughout the day. Our teachers will provide daily verbal communications, weekly written notes, and monthly family and community school to home connections. Communication will enable you to extend your child's learning as they begin to see themselves as an adventurer in their own world.

At Children's Learning Adventure™, we celebrate every step of the journey with your child. All travelers enjoy sharing memories of the journey with others. Our teachers have the privilege of creating an individualized journal with your child. They use narrations to describe special milestones met during their travels. As children grow, teachers will encourage them and guide them in making their own contributions to their journal.

Where Learning Is The Greatest Adventure Of All!