Early Adventurers™ (Infants)

Infants are just starting out their journey in life and need specialized attention. Read on to learn how we help develop the essentials or take a Virtual Tour of this program! And if you're ready to take the next step, plan your visit to a center near you.

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Infants are just starting out their journey in life and need specialized attention.  Our teachers help your baby develop the essentials for early brain development through our Early Adventurers™ Infant Program. Teachers provide interactive curriculum activities throughout the entire day in our seven content areas:

  • Routines and Repetition   
  • Talking through Transitions                  
  • Read to ME!              
  • Mealtime Chatter
  • Tummy Time            
  • Relaxation and Rest
  • Everyday Play

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Brain Fact:  Music and movement stimulate attention regions of the brain and enhance brain wiring. © New Directions Institute

  • Curriculum activities deliberately designed to help your child develop his/her attention system
  • Specific activities for tracking, developing visual discrimination and attentiveness
  • Responsive care to meet the unique individual needs of each child
  • Individualized care based on the child's age and developmental ability

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Brain Fact: Play activities promoting tracking (e.g., moves a toy car), focus attention and connect the two hemispheres of the brain. © New Directions Institute

  • Provides care based on the Primary Care Giver Model
  • Curriculum activities deliberately designed to help your child bond and develop a sense of safety and security
  • Nurturing, consistent care and relationship building
  • Primary care groupings to facilitate bonding and brain development
  • Open door policy

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Brain Fact: When you read a book or rhyme/poem with your baby, modulate voice and facial expressions to match emotion and meaning. This promotes attention, bonding and develops language skills. © New Directions Institute

  • Language-rich environment; incorporates baby sign language into classroom routines such as singing, cuddling, and reading
  • Spanish language introduced at four months and incorporated into daily routines
  • Engaging conversations responding to each child's developing brain
  • Daily notes, weekly field reports, and on-going teacher-parent communication

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Weekly Field Report

  • Weekly field reports to enrich the bonding between parent and child
  • An extension of the classroom curriculum to the home environment
  • Focuses on age appropriate activities to foster early brain development reinforcing Attention, Bonding and Communication
  • Implementing brain research based activities impacting the child’s learning abilities in the safe, secure environment of home

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