Explorers™ (Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten)

Children's Learning Adventure™ believes that a crucial component of learning is the environment. Therefore, in addition to the primary classroom, we provide daily small group instruction in our specialty classrooms for the young learner. This learning environment provides authentic activities and tasks in a meaningful context to help reinforce the child's learning.



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At Children's Learning Adventure™ your child will explore and learn with our early education curriculum called Lifetime Adventures™. Our preschool and pre-kindergarten curriculum was designed with the expertise and knowledge that children are born with a vast capacity for learning. Lifetime Adventures™ curriculum is a thematic curriculum, which focuses on developing emergent skills through their interactions in the environment and learning activities planned and implemented by the teacher.


What do children learn at Children’s Learning Adventures™?

Your child will develop cognitively, socially and physically with our ABC's of Learning

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Sorting Frogs - Activity Description: Comparing and contrasting objects teaches fundamental reasoning skills essential in math and reading skills.

Building readiness skills in early literacy, math and science; exposing the child to a multitude of learning experiences enhancing current knowledge and opening the door to discovery of new information.  Curriculum is based on standards established for measuring academic success.  The spiraling approach in the curriculum encourages your child to reinforce and retain their learning.









The "Academics" curriculum focuses on the following concepts:

-  Vocabulary
-  Comprehension
-  Phonemic Awareness
-  Concepts of Print
-  Environmental Print
-  Phonics
-  Emergent Writing
-  Sign Language/Spanish

-  Counting & Number Skills
-  Geometry
-  Sorting/Classifying
-  Measurements
-  Patterning
-  Graphing
Scientific Method
-  Life Science
-  Physical Sciences
   (Energy & Matter)
-  Earth & Space
-  Science Method

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Learning About Empathy - Activity Description: Each month the child is introduced to a new Character Trait.  To learn about empathy children act out a featured story enabling them to better understand, empathize with, and take into account other people's feelings.

Building one self and community through character development, relationships and a Home, School, and Community connection. Small group environments allow your child to build relationships and confidence in their overall learning and development.













The "Behavior" curriculum focuses on the following concepts:

Character Development
-  Pro Social Behavior
-  Taking Turns
-  Sharing
-  Empathy
-  Respect
-  Character Traits

Everyday Living
-  Personal Safety
-  Self-Help Skills
Family & Community Connection
-  Becoming a responsible community member

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Art Room – Children construct and express their ideas through art; verbally discussing their personal work and showing appreciation for the work of others.

Building skills and creativity through hands on experiences.















The "Construction" curriculum focuses on the following concepts:

Art & Sensory
-  Fine motor development
-  Listening and following directions
-  Develop creativity
-  Art Appreciation

Music & Movement
-  Reinforce math skills such as patterning
-  Reinforce vocabulary skills
-  Listening and following directions
-  Music Appreciation
Dramatic Play
-  Social Development
-  Social Roles
-  Develops skills of negotiation and compromise
Outdoor Adventure
-  Gross Motor Development
-  Running
- Jumping
-  Hopping
-  Balance
- Gross Motor Coordination

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Adventures at Home - Activity Description: Parents work with their children at home to reinforce the concepts learned at school.

  • The Adventures At Home Program creates a home school connection to reinforce your child's learning.
  • Daily Notes provide parents detailed information regarding daily learning activities.

Children's Learning Adventure™ provides a training program for teachers to ensure your child's preschool experience prepares them for Kindergarten success.  Positive, nurturing relationships, responsive interactions and discovery between the child and adult fosters your child's learning.  Your child has the opportunity to develop self-confidence to explore new ideas while developing a love of learning!


At Children's Learning Adventure™, we understand that learning is a journey, and preschool is an important milestone along the path.

Where Learning Is The Greatest Adventure Of All!