Voyagers™ (Toddlers)

The voyage toward self-mastery continues as your child enters Children's Learning Adventures™, Voyagers™ Program. Read on below to learn how we help build the essentials for early brain development or take a Virtual Tour of this program! And if you're ready to take the next step, plan your visit to a center near you.

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Our curriculum was specifically designed to assist your toddler in developing the essentials for early brain development through the concepts of Attention, Bonding and Communication.  Our curriculum helps build the Attention system of your toddler’s brain, in turn preparing them for later school success. We promote healthy brain development through positive relationships and responsive environments helping your child to Bond.  Our language rich environments, including, Spanish and Sign Language develop Communication skills so vital in today's world. Children ages 12 through 36 months develop cognitive skills while engaging in activities that encourage language, creative expression, physical, social, and emotional development.

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Brain Connection: Transferring (moving an object from one hand to the other) activities and experiences that "cross the midline of the body" help wire the brain effectively, connecting the two hemispheres of the brain.  ©New Directions Institute

  • Curriculum activities deliberately designed to help your child develop his/her attention system
  • Primary Care Groupings to provide small group, responsive care and learning
  • Activities focused on observation and facilitating the interest and discovery of the child

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Brain Connection: Singing and acting out songs promotes communication and language development. ©New Directions Institute

  • Provides care based on the Primary Care Giver Model
  • Curriculum activities deliberately designed to help your child bond and develop a sense of safety and security
  • Supportive care giving to enable the child's development of self-worth and meet individualized needs

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Brain Connection: The single most important factor in developing and maintaining healthy brain structures is the development of a strong bond. ©New Directions Institute

  • Language rich environment, incorporates Sign language and Spanish into classroom routines such as singing, reading and daily learning
  • Language incorporated into all learning activities to encourage children’s vocabulary development
  • Responsive care and observation to adapt the learning environment to the interest of the child
  • Literature used on a daily basis to open the child’s mind and imagination and develop vocabulary

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Weekly Field Report

  • Weekly Field Reports to provide the parent opportunities for interaction with their child and reinforce learning from the child's daily school involvement
  • Daily notes recapping the child's learning at school
  • Parent-teacher communication and partnership in the child's development

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