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The security and safety of each child is a top priority at Children’s Learning Adventure. In addition to our classrooms providing a safe and secure environment, our facilities institute several safety features, including a fingerprint scanner at the front door. All parents utilize a PIN number for entrance with the fingerprint scanner and our employees utilize a swipe card for entry. In addition to a secure entry system, each parent is required to log-in to a computer during each drop-off and pick-up and a state-of-the-art monitoring system that utilizes computer screens, in the reception area, for continued viewing of the entire property.

Once in the classroom, children are entered on a classroom attendance sheet, monitored by the teacher, noting each transition throughout the day to ensure all children are present.

Our teachers are also a safety feature!  All staff and teachers go through thorough training on our safety and security procedures and are reference and background checked, as well as monitored throughout the day in maintaining the attendance procedures for the security of your child.

Children’s Learning Adventure playgrounds are securely fenced around the entire property.  No access from the surrounding area except at the front door entrance is permitted; where the entry system is monitored electronically, with a manager at the front desk.

At Children’s Learning Adventure we understand environment is instrumental in the learning opportunities for your child.  We provide a ‘peace of mind’ for parents by providing a safe, secure environment for your child in our facility, our programs, and environments.

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