Fun and Meaningful Thanksgiving Activities for Kids
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Thanksgiving Activities
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Nov 13, 2023

Thanksgiving Family Fun 

As Thanksgiving approaches, it's the perfect time to gather with family and express gratitude for the blessings in our lives. What better way to celebrate than by involving your kids in Thanksgiving activities that not only bring joy but also teach the importance of gratitude? Here are some delightful and meaningful activities to enjoy with your little ones at home.

Gratitude Jar

Set up a gratitude jar as a family project. Provide each family member, including the kids, with colorful paper and pens. Encourage everyone to write down things they are thankful for, whether it's a special person, a favorite toy, or a happy moment. Place the notes in the gratitude jar and read them aloud during your Thanksgiving meal.

Handprint Turkeys

Get creative with some simple arts and crafts by making handprint turkeys. Have your kids trace and cut out their hands from colorful construction paper. These handprints can then be arranged to create vibrant turkey feathers. Add googly eyes, a beak, and a snood to complete the turkey masterpiece. This craft not only serves as a festive decoration but also captures a moment in time as a keepsake.

Thanksgiving Storytime

Set up a cozy reading nook and explore Thanksgiving-themed books with your children. Choose stories that emphasize gratitude, family, and the spirit of giving thanks. Take turns reading aloud, and engage in discussions about the meaning of Thanksgiving. This is a wonderful way to bond as a family while instilling important values in your kids.

Cooking Together

Involve your children in the kitchen as you prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Assign age-appropriate tasks, such as washing vegetables, stirring ingredients, or setting the table. Kids will enjoy being part of the cooking process, and it's a fantastic opportunity to teach them about the significance of sharing meals and expressing gratitude for the food we have.

Thankful Tree

Create a beautiful Thankful Tree by cutting out leaf shapes from colored paper. Each family member can write something they are thankful for on a leaf and attach it to the tree using string or tape. Over the days leading up to Thanksgiving, watch as the tree blossoms with expressions of gratitude. Display the Thankful Tree prominently in your home to serve as a visual reminder of the many blessings in your lives.

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt with a twist by focusing on items or moments to be thankful for. Create a list of things like "something that makes you smile" or "something you are grateful to have in your room." This activity not only encourages kids to explore their surroundings but also prompts them to reflect on the positive aspects of their lives.

Embrace the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, gratitude, and family. By incorporating these fun and meaningful activities into your holiday celebrations, you not only create lasting memories but also impart important values to your children. Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving at home, surrounded by love, laughter, and the appreciation of all that you hold dear. If you are looking for more ways to keep your children engaged while on Thanksgiving  break check out our fall camps now! 


Thanksgiving Activities