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Feb 25, 2022

Early Care

Being a new parent can be nerve-racking - there are so many things you have to remember, and it seems even the smallest detail can cause major problems for you and your baby. 

However, a lot of these little details that seem important at first glance aren't actually all that important. 

Child care isn't as complex as some would have you believe, and it's important to remember this so that you can focus on the things which truly matter. 

It's more about having a routine for your child and sticking to it, as well as getting to know your baby's cues. We've come up with a list of some infant care tips for new parents that will make things a bit easier on you.


Child Care House Prepping Tips

1. Childproofing the House

Childproofing your house is one of the most important infant care tips for new parents. Childproofing means putting everything in a safe place so that your child cannot get to it, and you should do this before bringing your baby home from the hospital. 

Some things that you might not think would be dangerous could pose a risk for children, such as loose cables, tiny objects that they could choke on, and anything else you wouldn't want your baby to get hold of.

2. Keep Your House Clean

Germs and viruses can easily spread in a home, and you don't want to take any chances by having a dirty house while you have an infant running around. Be sure all surfaces are clean before bringing your baby near them - especially items that babies tend to put in their mouths, such as toys and doorknobs. This includes your cell phone, too!

Infant Child Care Tips

3. Give Them Lots of Love and Attention

Infants need love, and they want it right now. They won't understand that you're busy doing other things or that you have to shrink your hug into a quick pat on the back. If they're crying, pick them up immediately and console them - even if it's in the middle of the night! 

Never ignore your little ones when they're upset, even if you think they should be too old to be still throwing tantrums. They're a baby - and that means they don't understand what's going on around them yet.

4. They Need Quality Sleep Just as Much as Adults Do

Babies need rest, even more so than adults do! Forcing an infant to stay awake longer than they are capable of staying awake will cause stress on their little bodies and minds, which could result in health problems later on down the road. 

If you have a newborn, it's highly advised that you have someone take care of them whenever possible so that Mama and Papa can get a few winks themselves.

5. Never Leave Them Alone

You should never, ever leave an infant or toddler alone, even if they are sleeping. Accidents happen despite our best intentions. If you're scared that your child might accidentally roll off the bed or pull something over onto themselves, put them in their crib or playpen to sleep - they'll be safe there. 

If you're looking at your phone, reading a book, or watching TV, make sure they are nearby and within sight.

6. Discipline From a Distance

Remember that, for your baby's safety and well-being, you should always keep them in arm's reach while they're awake - however, it isn't wise to discipline them while they are this close to you. This can make them feel threatened and fearful of you, which will cause problems when trying to discipline them later on down the road! 

If you have a rule about something your child is doing and need to tell them "no," do so from across the room - just be sure not to leave their sight!

7. Learn What Your Infant Likes Early on

Every child is different, so what each of your children enjoys may change from one to the next. It's important, though, that you figure out what your infant likes while they're still an infant - you want to establish a routine for them early on so that it becomes a pattern of behavior that is easy to fall into when they get older! 

Having a pattern can make life a lot easier for both you and your baby. Child care doesn't have to be as difficult as it seems - it's more about sticking with routines and knowing your baby. If you have any questions about infant care, be sure to contact us.

8. Finding the Perfect Day Care Center

If you have decided to place your infant in daycare, be sure to do some research first. Child care centers vary greatly from one another, so it's important that you find a center that matches both your values and those of your child. 

It's a great idea to visit a few different places before making a decision, although you should avoid placing your child in daycare too early on.

Final Words

Child care shouldn't be a burden - it should be an enjoyable time for new parents to bond with their children and grow as a family.

As a new parent, it's important to keep these tips in mind at all times. Before you know it, your infant will grow up and leave the nest. So cherish every moment with them while they're still under your roof!

Children are a great blessing - make sure you give your little one plenty of love and affection, listen to their needs, and do your best to raise them right!


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