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Find out why you should come to Children’s Learning Adventure’s open house.
Children's Learning Adventure

Feb 07, 2023

If you’re looking for the right learning environment for your children, attending an open house at Children’s Learning Adventure (CLA) is a great way to get to know the school’s culture and curriculum. An open house gives parents the opportunity to tour the facility, meet the teachers, ask questions, and observe classes in action. Here’s why you should consider attending an open house at CLA. 


A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Children’s Learning Adventure

Open houses provide parents with an insider look at a school’s facilities. You can take a tour of classrooms and playgrounds to get a better understanding of where and how your child will be spending their time. At CLAs open houses, you can also speak with staff members who will answer any questions you might have about their programs or philosophy. This allows you to gain insight into how your child might learn and grow while at the school. 


Learn About STEAM Learning

STEAM learning is an exciting educational approach that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math into the classroom curriculum. It focuses on developing creative thinking and problem-solving skills among children that can be used to tackle real world problems. Rather than teaching each subject individually, it encourages kids to strengthen their knowledge base by exploring definitions and connections between different disciplines in a hands-on way. By doing so, children are able to practice valuable critical thinking skills that will stay with them for years to come. STEAM learning provides an integrated approach towards fostering intellectual curiosity and scientific literacy, which is key for preparing a workforce of the future. 


Open House Helps To Find Out About Upcoming Events 

Open houses are also great opportunities to find out about upcoming events such as field trips, parent/teacher conferences, and special projects students may be working on throughout the year. These events help keep parents informed about what their children are doing during their time at CLA; they also allow parents to become more involved in their children’s education by participating in these events alongside them.  


Attending an open house at Children's Learning Adventure is a great way for parents to get an inside look at what makes this educational facility so special. Open houses provide parents with a behind-the-scenes view of classrooms and playgrounds, as well as access to knowledgeable staff members who can answer questions about CLA's unique curriculum and philosophy. Finally, attending an open house helps parents stay informed about upcoming events such as field trips or projects that are part of CLA's learning program; this allows them to become more involved in their children's education by participating alongside them throughout the year! Our open house is on February 18th from 10 am to 2pm. 

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