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Advanced Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Advanced Pre-K & Kindergarten Program

Advanced Pre-K & Kindergarten (Age 5 by December 31st)

Our Advanced Pre-Kindergarten Program reinforces early literacy skills learned in prior preschool experiences.

Our Private Kindergarten Program is aligned with national and state standards, providing a solid foundation for each student’s future educational experience.

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advanced pre-k kindergarten kindergarten school Image3 Advanced Pre-Kindergarten

Age 5 by December 31st

Our curriculum-based Advanced Pre-Kindergarten Program is designed for those children who have completed Pre-Kindergarten but not yet ready for Kindergarten. Children’s Learning Adventure's Advanced Pre-Kindergarten class enables students to learn in small class sizes and helps bridge the gap between Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

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kindergarten kindergarten programs kindergarten level Image3 Kindergarten

5 to 6 years

Our Kindergarten Program is an elementary level, full day program with before and after school care, assessments, and parent-teacher conferences, preparing children for first grade and beyond. Students will learn a variety of skills such as: letter recognition, reading and word comprehension, formal writing, number knowledge, and world exploration.

Other Programs

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(6 weeks to 12 months)

Our Infant Program is designed to stimulate infants cognitively through individual daily routines including physical development and health, language and literacy, and social emotional learning. Through our daily activities, we create an environment that enables an infant's brain to establish important relationships and develop concrete learning skills.

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(1 to 2 years)

Our Toddler Program is designed to be an interactive experience between the classroom, the teacher, and the children. Toddlers will learn to count, formulate sentences, discover their artistic and musical abilities, differentiate between their emotions, and learn about the world around them. 

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(Age 3 by December 31st)

Our Preschool Program implements our Lifetime Adventures® curriculum which is based on research that proves children learn best through repetition and practice.

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